Backflow Device Inspection & Repair

Backflow Prevention Device Testing, Repair, and Certification

Your backflow prevention assembly has internal parts that frequently open and close which allows the water to flow or not flow through the device.  With continued use these parts can wear out or sustain damage that can cause the backflow prevention device to fail during a backflow test.  If your backflow prevention device has failed a recent test it can often be repaired rather than replaced.

S & T Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC is a licensed, insured, and approved backflow testing and repair specialist (ID# 34-6337).  We are certified to provide backflow prevention device testing, repair, and certification by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

S & T Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC is based out of Sedalia MO and serving Pettis County, Benton County, and the Lake of the Ozarks area including Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Village of Four Seasons, Camdenton, Sunrise Beach, Laurie, and the surrounding area.

We provide backflow prevention device testing and repair services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients with backflow prevention devices on their water or irrigation system.

If your backflow device has failed a recent test we can inspect the assembly and install new internal rubber seals or other small parts that can often restore the functionality so the device will pass the required test.  After the repair has been completed we can retest your device and if it's compliant after testing we can certify it for you.

At S & T we use only high quality OEM manufacturers parts, purchased from reliable manufacturers and wholesalers of backflow assemblies. We can test, inspect, and repair all major manufacturers backflow devices including:

  • Wilkins
  • Febco
  • Watts
  • Ames
  • Conbranco
  • FloMatic

What About Backflow Devices That Contain Lead?

The state of Missouri, along with some water companies require any existing backflow prevention assembly that fails due to lead contained within the assembly must be replaced with a lead free assembly.  If you are located in a municipality that requires replacement and you have an older backflow device that may contain lead we can provide you with an estimate to replace the device with a more modern, safer backflow prevention assembly.  If you are located in a jurisdiction that allows these older devices to be repaired then we can complete the necessary repair work and provide you with documentation on the parts we've used and also the documents for the backflow testing.

If you need a backflow prevention device tested or repaired give S & T Landscaping & Irrigation a call today at (660) 221-8886 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to your right away.